With thousands of new inventions every day, it is almost impossible for any professional to survive in the market without refreshing his/her knowledge according to the field and this applies much more to all those working in the field of Computer Science and Software Development. Here are a few of the top technologies you should learn that have a huge scope in the future and will provide a good position in the market.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a technology which has just evolved. It was first introduced in 1952 by John McCarthy but due to lack of data and computing power, it was not feasible at that time to develop this technology and use it. Now, with enough data and fast computing power, this technology holds the strongest position among all the technologies. Artificial Intelligence is basically creating a smart software, a software that has the power to think and analyze on it own without the human interference and take decisions on its own based on the huge amount of data that we must train the software at first. The applications of AI range from simple speech to text recognition system to self-driving cars, from simple recommendation system that YouTube and other services use to predict the videos to completely autonomous robots, and the list goes on. The full potential of this technology is yet to be explored and this is the only reason why the IT giants of the world are investing so much in the AI.


Those who are already investing in Cryptocurrency like Bitcoins will have some idea about Blockchains. The blockchain is the technology that stores the information across a network of personal computers making them not just decentralized but distributed. This means that no company or a person owns the system, yet everyone can use it making it difficult for any one person to take down the network or corrupt it. To understand it further, just think of your Bank. It does not matter in which branch your account is – All of your banking information is stored in one centralized server which is protected by strict Internet Protocols. However, this means that since the bank has access to the server, the bank can track all your transaction. Just consider that what if a chunk of your information is stored in many different computers or nodes and all these nodes are used together? In this way, your transaction becomes impossible to be tracked. This is the reason why Bitcoins became so popular that it does not include a person or a bank in between a transaction but a network of computers validating each digital currency and therefore, is much safer. However, bitcoin is just one application of the blockchain and there can be a many more application of this technology which is yet to be discovered and thus, blockchain technology will remain in high demand for many years ahead.


Virtual Reality is an artificial environment is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user starts believing it as reality. Augmented Reality, on the other hand, is the technology that superimposes the computer-generated image on the user’s view of the live world. AR and VR work together and there are several applications of it. For example, the medical students use this technology to practice surgery in a controlled environment. This is technology is also used in gaming and POKEMON GO is a great example of it. There can be many more applications of this technology and this field also have a very high job prospect.

These are few of the top technologies that are currently in great demand and not just in Pakistan but abroad. It is quite evident that the technological change is inevitable and if a person from the technology sector needs to stay on top of the game then learning a few of the skills would worth a lot.