Interviews can be really overwhelming, for both the interviewer as well as the interviewee. They present an ideal opportunity for employers to get to know the candidate in an additional capacity to be able to gauge their suitability for the job. Therefore, it is vital to conduct an effective interview for any job. Use the following tips to brush up your interviewing skills:

  • Do your research: Just like the interviewee, it is important that the interviewer also does their research. This includes thoroughly studying the candidates’ resumes as well as a comprehensive understanding of the advertised job and the company.
  • Prepare the questions in advance: Asking the right questions is extremely important for an effectual interview. Make sure to have a mix of technical and situation based questions to test the candidate’s ability to think on their feet. It always comes in handy to make a list of the questions in advance.
  • Keep it interactive: Allowing two-way communication is one to make the candidate feel comfortable. Asking open ended questions and leaving some time for candidate’s questions can also provide additional insight into the candidate.

Remember, you have to sell the job to the candidate so it is important that you do your homework too. Avoid taking notes during the interview and make eye contact so you can also look out for non-verbal cues, such as body language. You should focus on getting to know everything about the candidate that their resume can’t tell you!