Interviews can be nerve-wracking; one can easily get under-pressure no matter how experienced he or she is. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what your interviewer would ask you so that you would have the right answers planned out? Interviews, in general, are very similar; the interviewer tries to get to know the person, thus they might ask some very similar questions. It’s impossible to figure out all questions one might ask in an interview, but below are some of the most common questions that you might encounter in any job interview.

You don’t have to memorize or learn all the answers, but it’s better that you spend some time practicing these questions so that you won’t go blank at the time of interview. Since all these questions are targeted towards you, you must make sure that when you answer these questions you describe how you are the best candidate. Try to mold your answers with respect to the job or the company that you are applying to.

1. Tell me something about yourself:

Right after the casual introduction, the interviewer might ask you to tell something about yourself or to describe yourself. What most people fail to understand is that the interviewer wants to know you professionally, so you don’t have to talk about your personal life or say your hobbies. Talk to them about how you are the best person and why they should hire you. You must keep in mind this formula E+E+S that is education, experience, and skill. You should describe your education, experience, and skill in a precise manner. Again try to talk about the experience that is relevant to the job.

2. How did you learn about this job?

Your interviewer might try to test how much efforts you have made in order to get the job, thus do tell. Show him how much efforts you have made, even if you heard about the position through any person tell him that. Now a day jobs are advertised on different websites, if you are following one of these websites then do mention those and talk about why this certain job caught your eye.

3. Why did you apply for this post?

After the second question, your interviewer might ask you why you applied for this certain post did. It is very important that you show that you are passionate about the certain job position. The best way to do so is by combining a skill of yours to the job description of the job. For example, if it’s a customer service job than you can say that you have good communication skills and enjoy interacting with people.

4. What do you like about the company?

One of the most important questions that your interviewer might ask you is what you think about the company. It is important that before going into any interview you do some homework about the company. You can very easily find the information about the company on it’s about page. You must try to link your personal goals to that of the company it will show how interested you are about the company.

5. Why should we hire you?

This is one of the most difficult questions to answer but if answered properly you can easily win the position. Again you need to make sure you describe yourself in the best possible way. Explain how you understand what the job requires of you and if possible, how your experience can help you in performing well at this current job. Explain how you can easily fit into the work environment and how you understand the work dynamics of the job.


Job interviews are very crucial, so whenever you have to go into one go prepared. Do prepare for some technical questions, but also consider some personal or random question like these. There are many other important questions such as tell me about your weakness or strengths, remember there is no correct answer to such questions. It’s all about how you use them, as said earlier try to mold all these answers into how you can contribute into the betterment of the company and how your skills and experience make you the best employee out there.