The job hunt is a tough job, with the increasing number of graduates entering the market it gets difficult to score a good job especially if you a fresh graduate. Companies are always looking for the perfect candidate who can easily fit into any work environment and has the skill and knowledge to actually perform the tasks. What you need to do is show how you are that perfect candidate.

Job hunt is a whole process and has its own steps which you need to follow. Follow the steps correctly and you might land on the perfect job. We all know the basic procedure of job hunt, but what most of you might not know are small mistakes that can cost you big time. Below are some of the most common errors people do when looking up for a job:

1. Relying on one source of information:

One biggest mistake that most people do is that they rely on a certain source for all their information. With the extending modes of communication, companies have so many platforms to advertise jobs. Limiting yourself to a single source will only limit your options and opportunities. For example, if a person only uses newspaper for job search then he might lose his chances with those hundreds of companies that advertise on web pages. Thus it is advised that you register yourself on all of these sites, at least on the major ones.

2. Mailing CVs without any job post:

Another mistake that most people do is that they send unsolicited CVs to companies hoping that the companies would suddenly want to hire them. Sending unwanted CV can only ruin your chances of getting any job. Companies get hundreds of CV each day, which to them is useless unless they have a job opening. So try to contact the companies that are actually looking for people; don’t waste your time on places that don’t need you.

3. Networking:

Networking is a very important trait when you look for a job, what we mean by networking is that you must try to talk to the right people, people who may have connection. It’s important you don’t just talk but also listen to what they have to say to you. These people might give you an insight of a company or what the company is looking for. You must mold yourself according to the desires of the recruiters.

4. Plan your job search plan:

It is extremely important that you have a planned pattern for your job hunt. Finding the right job can be very difficult task and not planning it properly can hinder the process. With the advanced search engines, you can very easily filter the right jobs for yourself; make sure you are following reliable web pages. Also follow-up these websites, they will always have something perfect for you.

5. Doing it all by yourself:

Another very common mistake that most people do is that they think they can do it all by themselves. Job hunting is a very serious job, and you might need some sort of assistance and it’s totally ok to ask for some help. There are websites that can help you with the process. You can also contact some career counselors who can help you plan things out. They can help you market yourself and find the right opportunities for yourself.

6. Not knowing your worth:

Salary can be a very sensitive matter, thus you must deal with it carefully. Before going in for an interview you must identify your market value. Each degree holds some sort of market value; make sure that you don’t get yourself into a contract where you are paid way less than your actual worth. It is also advised that you don’t initiate the salary at first, let the interviewer define the salary package first.

7. being open to any job:

It is a common believe that you must apply for all the possible jobs out there. This will only make things worse for you. You must have a clear vision of what you want and work towards it only. It will also help you in the job search too, for example, if you are interested in marketing then you must look for marketing jobs solely rather than just applying everywhere.

8. CV:

CVs are very important, once you have found a right job for you, it’s important that you apply for it with the perfect CV. Your CV will define who you are and what your expertise are, thus it’s important that you spend some good time on making it absolute perfect.

9. Unplanned interviews:

If you think finding the right job is your only task then you are very wrong, interviews are the real deal makers. What most people do is that they plan other steps of the job hunt and neglect the interview part. Well you must not do so; interviews can be very tricky you must plan them properly. You must do your homework about the company before you go in for an interview.

10. Follow-up:

Last but not the least follow-up, it is very important that once you have found a job, you keep up with it. Hiring is not a one day process it takes time for companies to decide whether they should hire you or not. Mena while it is important that you do a follow-up.