Job Summary

The Head of Economic Programmes of AKEPB  will be responsible to deliver the strategic goals set by the AKEPB Board in view of the Institutions constitutional mandate and the prevailing economic situations and arising needs.The position will report to the chairman and honorary secretary of the board and work closely with the board. The position shall be instrumental in driving implementation of the strategic direction of EPB and shall lead implementation of activities, through planning, directing and executing the initiatives and interventions as & when required for the benefit of the community, enriching economic growth.The position entails developing & executing strategies to be undertaken to emphasize the role of EPB as a facilitator and to drive community members to gain advantage from the emerging trends in economic scenario through pre-emptive assessment and transformation. The position shall be responsible for operational and administrative management of the EPB staff team and lead initiatives within the thematic areas. The Head of Economic Programmes serves as a repository of the institutional memory and is a key point of reference for the continuity & knowledge transition from one board to the next.


Lead & Manage:  Leading and managing the team to accomplish targets based on the strategic direction of the Board. Engage with the team, encourage and motivate performers to deliver and inspire others to follow. Provide support and guidance wherever required by the team. Structure and implement strategies and programs to facilitate community to opt for available economic opportunities in order to progress in the economic strata of the society.

Resource Management:  Review and allocate resources (financial, human & technical) to facilitate teams in accomplishing their tasks as per the planned programs focused towards benefiting the community. Ensure that programs and activities being planned by the local and regional teams are relevant as per the strategic direction, and laid out in an efficient and effective manner to drive maximum benefit.

Relationship Management:  Liaise with community, AKDN and other Institutes & corporate organizations, which could be of assistance in planning and executing interventions for economic progression of the community. Build relationships and linkages within and outside the community and promulgate the motive & activities of EPB to attract supporters.


Strategize and Implement Interventions

  • Work in close coordination with the Board to develop strategies, plans and programs for economic upliftment of the community
  • Assess the economic needs of the community and ensure to plan interventions in close liaison with local and regional teams for implementation.
  • Review and approve programs proposed by local & regional teams in liaison with EPB staff members based on the strategic direction set by the board
  • Lead and supervise activities in different thematic areas of EPB namely social mobility, job & skill placement services and enterprise development.

Resource Allocation

  • Assess resource requirements and ensure to allocate resources in an appropriate manner as per requirement to optimize benefits derived from the activity.
  • The resource allocation would include financial, technical and human resources for implementation of an activity
  • Develop annual financial and program budgets as per Board’s requirement and ensure to implement annual plans accordingly.
  • Review and implement technology driven solutions to ensure management of complete updated database of members requiring assistance and members providing services in order to link them and extract impact analysis resulting from such facilitation

Advisory Services:

  • Lead and direct teams towards conducting Market research on emerging economic opportunities in order to provide guidance to the community to derive maximum benefit at the right time
  • Lead & implement communication strategy to promote EPB activates and build community’s awareness related to economic opportunities and ways to gain advantage to lead economic progression
  • Direct creation of volunteer teams at local and regional levels, if required, to provide support and guide to community in adopting different measures for economic elevation within defined societal parameters.

Build Relationships:

  • Liaise with community and AKDN institutes to identify opportunities within the community
  • Build relationships with employers, institutes, organizations and affluent members of the society who could assist EPB in implementing activities
  • Develop linkages with EPBs working internationally to facilitate community.
  • Aim towards building beneficial relationship with institutes as per community’s requirements
  • Work closely with EPB Teams in order to identify areas of opportunity and implement interventions at regional and local levels

Performance Monitoring:

  • Inspire and motivate staff to perform their responsibilities and promotes teamwork.
  • Oversees the interface between the volunteers and staff, and ensure that responsibilities at each level are clearly defined for accomplishments and avoid deferrals.
  • Develop and implement evaluation system to monitor progress and accomplishments of EPB staff team and local/regional teams responsible to facilitate implementation of EPB activities
  • Develop and present reports to the Board to show progress in order to facilitate decision making in an informed manner.
  • Focus on building capacities within the teams and recommend training programs for employee development.

Required Skills


  • Proven ability to manage multiple tasks under pressure, meet stringent deadlines, lead and execute interventions and work well in teams.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and command over English and Urdu.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suit Office tools especially Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and internet applications.
  • Ability to work with various internal and external stakeholders and with volunteers.
  • Ability to motivate and lead the team.
  • Problem-solving skills, ability to multi-task, organize work and coordinate several programs.
  • Analytical and report writing skills.
  • Must be comfortable with diversity and respectful of a wide range of faiths, beliefs, and experiences.
  • Reasonable understanding of changing needs of the industry, govt. policies and national economy and trends associated with it.
  • Awareness of industrial clusters in terms of sectors, locations, industries and skills requirements.
  • Reasonable understanding of the industry's need for skills.
  • Preferably should have worked with social or corporate sector.


  • Published:
    18 Mar 2023
  • Industry:N.G.O./Social Services
  • Job Function:Management Consulting
  • Qualification:Masters
  • Experience:7 Year
  • Type:Full Time
  • Shift:Morning
  • Positions:1