Job Summary

Customer service officers act as the face of a company and directly work with customers to answer their questions or provide additional support where needed. They work in every industry that has a customer pool.
This is an entry-level position that doesn’t typically require any formal education. Candidates who work well with people while employing excellent interpersonal communication skills are good fits for this role. Many customer service officers work traditional office hours, but there are a select few who work for employers that provide around-the-clock customer support. In these cases, employees may work second or third shifts. Customer service officers report directly to shift supervisors.

Required Skills

Education: Graduation

Skills: Good Communication skills and Hearing Ability with clear Urdu and English accent.




  • Published:
    27 Oct 2021
  • Industry:Consultants
  • Job Function:Client Services & Customer Support
  • Qualification:Bachelors
  • Experience:Fresh
  • Type:Full Time
  • Shift:Rotating
  • Positions:100